Vancouver Bird Week 2017

Rise of the Hipster Birdwatcher
~ Free Social Bird Walk ~

10:00am, Saturday – May 6th 2017
Vancouver BC Canada


To celebrate Vancouver Bird Week, EyeLoveBirds is hosting a bird walk around Lost Lagoon. A bird walk, if you haven’t been on one before, is quite literally a walk-in-the-park, but with the express purpose of observing birds. This walk will be targeting non-birders – that is people who like to get outdoors, enjoy nature but don’t consider themselves birders (yet).

While we will be offering tips on identification and interesting facts on our local species along the way, mostly we just want to offer a casual, social and fun get together for Vancouver locals. There will be a mini-competition as well (think scavenger hunt for birds).

All attendees will get the EyeLoveBirds Vancouver bird app for free on their iPhone, as well as a printed off checklist of the common birds of Stanley Park.

Bring bins if you have them (binoculars if you don’t yet know the lingo!), invite your friends and family and let’s get out there and enjoy our beautiful city.

Event name inspired by this recent Telegraph Article.


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