Erynn Tomlinson is a creative leader in the software space and an avid nature lover and traveler in her free time. Erynn was born in Vancouver BC Canada in 1979, and currently resides in Vancouver.

Professional Experience

Erynn’s first professional track was graphic design, which over the years morphed into web development, print design, user interaction design and mobile design. Currently she is an industry leader in User Experience design. She was also a professionally certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist for 10 years and has dabbled in stunt work, with a niche in inline skating.

Merging her background in software design with her love of nature, Erynn founded EyeLoveBirds in 2014 as a passion project and continues to drive it forward. The goal of EyeLoveBirds is to use technology to increase the awareness of the natural world in the young connected crowd. Erynn’s vision is that birding (and nature loving) will become so common and ubiquitous in the new rising generation, that conservational behaviours will be the norm.


Erynn has traveled extensively, preferring slower movement and longer stays to quick vacations. Previous destinations include Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Panama, Costs Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Belize, Cuba, Madagascar, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the UK and many areas of Canada and the United States. With nature being the single most desirable aspect of a location, the abundance and activity of the wildlife in the Galapagos and the bizarre inhabitants of  Madagascar have been highlights so far.

Other Interests

Other than birding and traveling, combining nature with exercise sums of much of Erynn’s pastimes. Hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. She also enjoys outdoor inline hockey, ball hockey, biking around the seawall; swimming in lakes, rivers and oceans; and creative endeavours like crafts, costuming and starting or joining new businesses.

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